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Francesca Volchitza Marta #francesca

Francesca Marta Volchitza

I am a multitalented artist: painter, illustrator, dancer, choreographer, actress, director and author.

My research focuses on the Sacred Feminine and the relationship between Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine.

I would like to bring more awareness to this powerful inner couple that inhabits each individual in a unique way and which is the nurturing essence of our creativity.

My experiences in the different fields of art influence and enrich each other. Dance, painting, theater, writing have always been Friends, Allies, Nurses.

Sometimes a portrait of a woman becomes the opportunity to create and dance a choreography around the feminine. Sometimes it is my feelings as a dancer that inspire me new subjects for painting.

I see this as a kind of deeper and deeper exploration, where each artistic discipline, with its demands and challenges, allows me to go further in my research and in my personal journey. Child, adolescent and then woman, I rediscover and I strengthen the Link with MYSelf with each dance step, each brushstroke, each line played with heart.

I believe in the alchemical, maieutic, therapeutic power, inspiring images and all forms of Art.

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