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Tableau à l'huile dédié à Juliette de Shakespeare. Traide de Femmes: Femme enceinte, petite fille, jeune rebèlle.

This painting, which dates back to 2012, inspired me to create a new photography and video-dance project.


I like this title;

JEU in English corresponds to PLAY: a theatrical action ... The theater is THE 'place' where we meet Juliette.

JEU, in French, sounds like JE ...

The auditory ambiguity between GAME and I refers to ACTION.

We are beings in the making, in movement: internal dialogues, resonances between different parts of the body, emotional waves, body-mind-emotion resonances, actions in matter ...

In Us, At Every Moment, Everything is connected and "speaking".

I see Juliet's "character" as a sort of Trinity, An "Inner Trinity" that everyone can discover within themselves.

In Shakespeare's play, Juliet is a very courageous young woman who defies the patriarchal world of arranged marriages. A situation symbolically applicable to any type of abuse of power that suppresses the outpourings of desire and the heart of a person.

True to her own expression of absolute love, Juliette is a Mother to herself, Protector of Her Inner Child, and Beater of her own heart.

For each of these facets, I assigned a specific FIRST NAME.

Julie is the Mother.


Julie, a first name of Arabic and Latin origin, derives from "Julia" and means "of the Roman family of Iule".


However, Julia, in my vision, is the Name of the Inner Child. The choice of "E" in this instance was made by a "coincidence" that turned out to be indicative of meaning. Indeed, while searching for a fabric doll on the internet, I immediately came across the JULIA Doll from Baby's Wardrobe. Her first name was already "assigned" in advance!


The fact that the first name JULIA - etymologically - precedes the first name Julie sounds "natural" to me because only a free or released Inner Child is able to accept the Self-Parenting of His Adult JE.


I am reminded of the paradox around the origin of the egg and the chicken: Julie and Julia are two sides of the same coin: when you are the Mother of Self, you have given birth again. The word "Mother" in French refers to the "Sea". We are made up of 90% water.

Water is at the origin of all things. It is a Symbol of emotions, just as the Sea is a symbol of the unconscious. Water also refers to the Kidneys and the energy potential of an individual. In the Quality of the Love of This Mother/Sea, there is an Important, Crucial, Vital shaping of the Individual. The Good Mother, free from the slavery of the Patriarchate, enlightens on the emotions and the good decryption of the messages of the Heart, awakening the Child to the Consciousness of Self and of their own potential so that the energy of the Kidneys helps to structure a Sovereignty of Essence and Birth.


Julie is a Bountiful Mother Queen, unlike the murderous characters in Fairy Tales. In this round egg-shaped belly, there is all the power of Life ready to bloom, supported and nourished by the LOVE and the fidelity of Julie to Herself and to Little Julia.


The Mother Name comes from the Latin MATER, linked in turn to the Latin matrix (matricis = element which provides support, structure, surrounds, and allows reproduction or construction). JULIE is a Freedom MATRIX.


Thanks to Her JULIE/mother of the Self, the character of JULIETTE frees herself from Her mother "blinded and deaf" by the patriarchal culture which required her to marry a young noble man, just for his family status.


If we return to the metaphor of the egg, we can see the shell, the "white," and the yolk like Mother Julie, who protects and nourishes. The Chick/JULIA in embryo, so that it is born (or better, it is reborn) strong and autonomous. JULIA, the Inner Child, is therefore the Free, Imaginative, Joyful, purely Passionate, Expressive, Emotional, and Purified part of Juliet. This is thanks to the Consciousness/Love of JULIE, which frees her from all the family burdens of the Capuleti.


JULIET is the rebellious and passionate facet of the Inner Trinity that I have identified.


Her strength comes from her authenticity and transparency towards herself.

Vulnerability to oneself, in the sense of self-acceptance, non-resistance to one's own emotions/desires/values.

An "ability" to remain open and true to her feelings despite the external world.


By delving into the Self (in my INNER TRINITY, I see Juliet as the Yang side of the character), by embracing her Yin (in the Bible, "knowing oneself is equivalent to making Love"), Juliet EMBRACES her own values (Love for ROMEO).


She defends them, builds upon them, and takes responsibility for them. Her vulnerability doesn't fear judgments and opinions imposed by others.


Juliet is powerful because her foundational value is Love towards herself. Romeo, in Shakespeare's text, represents her inner Masculine, also awakened to True Love.


In Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet are two awakened beings.


If one day I stage a production based on this piece,


I would choose to change the ending to a Happy End


because the love of two individuals is stronger than the egos of the community.


Juliet, a very young girl, virgin woman and widow at the same time - Belly of absolute and ideal love

Oil on canvas

130 cm x 80 cm


photo de Francesca Volchitza Marta dans le rôle de Juliette comme Mère de Soi
Francesca Volchitza Marta qui embrasse la poupée Juliette enfant,photographiée par Stephen Zezza
Francesca Volchitza Marta photographiée par Stephen Zezza.

Waiting for the release of the Video


I share (from my Facebook page)  some excerpts from Stephen Zezza's recordings at Dansez Now   




Le Jeu de Julie, Julia, Juliette - YouTube

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