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I discovered Francesca's work thanks to the oracle of feminine energies towards which I was drawn very strongly by the illustrations which I found magnificent. Then, discovering more and more Francesca's drawings, via her site and her Instagram account, I ordered an intuitive portrait from her; I wanted one of the feminine beauties that she paints to be me, to represent me internally because what Francesca does is interior and vibrant work; we exchanged a lot so that it relates to me and my energy; I was very moved and almost proud when I received my portrait; this painting is now in front of me, hanging where I work every day; he is a source of inspiration, strength and gentleness; I like its colors and its vibration; it does me good, it makes me happy and it calms me too ... Thank you Francesca for having been able to capture so much beauty, grace and femininity to paint me. And then I'm happy to have one of your works at home.


“When I look at this painting, which could be described as an intuitive portrait, I discover that it looks like one of the essences of my soul. A deep essence.

This young woman, gentle and concentrated, who transmutes energies, makes a breath vibrate in me. I breathe better in front of her. She reminds me of what there is to cherish.

To not forget. A portrait to remind me of who I am. A portrait to love me. A portrait to smile at me. Inside. "


“It was with great pleasure for me to receive my portrait, Very moved to see this painting so vibrant. Every detail is powerful and symbolic for me

This portrait is refreshing and full of energy. "


Siamo felicissimi e assolutamente orgogliosi di avere a casa nostra questa magica Arte che ci trasmette Gioia, serenità e assolutamente da un tocco di classe único ..... Grazie mille Francesca di esistere!

Deyanira, Kamilla, Fabio

I would like to thank Francesca for this work. I really like this portrait because this artist has captured the essence of my interior and translated it into images. Colors and shapes become a reflection of myself. It´s interesting to watch it and to contemplate myself at the same time, it´s above all an introspective look. Well done to the artist!

Maria Jimena

"Born to love each other" This painting is simply sublime. A couple that embraces forming one and the same being, well rooted and connected, spreading true love. I never tire of contemplating this work as one and life dance to receive.

E. Tessier

I discovered the universe of Francesca by offering me the different oracles she illustrated.

I admire his way of representing women, in this surge of gentleness, sensuality and femininity.

Each of her illustrations exudes a feminine power that is both strong and light.

So I subscribed to her instagram to discover this talented artist, dancer and more!

For my part, I carry out during my accompaniments guided meditations to meet our totem animals, those who guide us and reveal in us our deep personality, our wild instinct, our strengths that we draw from our heart, from our guts.

I am currently on a journey that leads me to this deep reconnection, to recognize, welcome, accept and love my shadows.

To love me unconditionally, to marry me.

So when I saw the last works of Francesca I wanted to give myself this wonderful gift.

See me whole !!!

We had a first exchange which did me a lot of good.

I told him about each of my animals, the ones I prefer, those I met in meditation, what I was in my previous lives.

What each of them means to me this part of me.

We had a very nice exchange and it feels good!

I had revelations about me!

A beautiful connection is established between us, allowing me to reconnect with myself.

At each stage of the work, Francesca sends me videos / photos, his feelings and possible questions allowing him to profin his painting.

It is a gift every time and nice surprises are added to the self portrait.

Sometimes I think of something and Franscesca thinks about it too! It is magic !

I am happy to have given myself this wonderful gift and recommend Francesca to all those who want to have this deep reconnection with herself. Thank you


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