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Or The Mourning Heart

Cordelia , first name, common in English, developed from the Latin term cor ( "heart" in French). In Celtic tradition, it means "daughter of the sea" or "jewel of the sea", due to its association with the Welsh mythological figure of Creiddylad .

From Wikipedia

For my part, I perceive Cordelia as the union of Cor and DELIA .

DELIA comes from DELIUM (neutral) DELIUS, DELII in Latin,

The city of DELO was dedicated to APOLLO. THE SON of Father Zeus.

Cordelia sounds more to my sensitivity like the father's daughter, an objectified daughter who belongs to the father in patriarchal society.


Anne Dufourmantelle dedicates an entire chapter to Cordélie, victim of an extraordinary paternal love, a possessive love, a love bordering on incest.

"When a father prefers his daughter, when she incarnates for him the woman, and the mother and the child, when she comes to the exact place of her desired to awaken all that was sleeping in him (his sacred femininity), that she touches the center of his being, the helpless, abrupt, abused father in the depths of himself can go crazy like LEar and banish his daughter far from him. This is one of the signs by which we can recognize a relationship incestuous father-daughter; the father saves his wife from his desire for her by rejecting her far from him, and these girls who have believed themselves hated by their father do not sometimes know what they have escaped, what psychic space they were able to gain in this abandonment ".

(Anne Dufourmantelle)


Francesca Volchitza Marta danse Cordélie dans la vidéo Awakening
Francesca Volchitza Marta danse Cordélie dans la vidéo Awakening
Francesca Volchitza Marta danse Cordélie dans la vidéo Awakening
Tableau de Cordélie, fille du Roi Lear. Cordélie porte dans ses bras le cadavre d'elle-même. Peinture tableau de la série dédiée à Shakespeare

I painted this oil on canvas in December 2011.
I had a crisp, clear vision in front of me.

Cordelia holds the corpse of herself in her own arms.

Her feminine wounded to death by her father's incestuous "Word", his latent desire, his inability to leave her living and flourishing daughter.

The Cordelia's feminine energy and Inner Child dies rather than feeling this abnormal desire. The masculine of Cordelia keep going with its wound in the heart, with the determination to continue on its way as if nothing had happened so as not to suffer more at the loss of a part of oneself.

How many women in the world hide their vulnerability and femininity for fear of repressed childhood abuses or for the weight of transgenerational memories of the annihilation of women of their lineage?

Body feelings and emotions are denied.

The masculine (mental/spirit) is separate and deaf, henceforth, with the vulnerable and naturally vibrant feminine, desiring, creative.

Her left eye, connected to the right (female) hemisphere, is dead, extinct, blinded. The eye connected to the rational hemisphere is severe, angry, icy.

The injury to the heart suggests a cleft and a female sex at the same time. It is the symbol of The wound of the patriarchy towards the body, the creative energy, the feminine and the women.

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