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I have always loved FAIRY TALES,


The ACCOUNTS of the FACTS because it is the REAL LIFE that hides behind and touches the guts and the hearts of those who have the courage to get lost in their own interior forest trusting only their little white pebbles to return to their personal and living essentials.

The FACTS ACCOUNTS teach us the accounts that matter,

they teach us not to be afraid to open the forbidden door of Bluebeard; They teach us to "do nothing" until the moment when the conscience is ready to awaken us to our true reality (choice / understanding), with the same gentleness and confidence of Prince Charming at the moment of the trigger kiss to Aurora.

In the TALES of the FACTS we recognize the True BEAUTIFUL Beauty of Our Inner Animal Beast. Unique, inspired, longing yin. Unique, structuring and faithful Yang.

I have created many drawings around the tales. there are poetic, harsh, cruel images ... I decided to share them more often by adding my reading and leaving space for others to find theirs.

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