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The art of Francesca Marta Volchitza could be described as a stylized medley of uplifting visual narratives and poetry in visual form. Her vibrant symbolic paintings evoke feelings of sensuality, love, unity, hope, fertility and eternity.

In one series, nude male and female figures embrace each other enveloped in a graceful and continuous undulating design. In other paintings, figures dance among a joyful rhythmic display of flora and fauna and illuminate our symbiotic bond with nature.

Francesca's beautifully orchestrated compositions are enhanced in breadth and depth by her versatile use of colors, a melange of contrasting tactile surfaces, and acute spatial perception. Stimulating elements of fantasy and reality are wedded in perfect harmony and balance. Although at first glance Francesca's lyrical style may recall that of Symbolism, she expresses her own contemporary artistic vocabulary imbued with life-affirming metaphorical imagery.

Renee phillips

Director / Curator, Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY

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