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Alchemical Marriage
We are all called to the Alchemical Marriage, the Union between
Our Feminine (Body / Sensations - Heart / Emotions) Our Masculine (Mind and Mind)


Characters lost in a dark space where loneliness and despair reign. An authentic encounter and life resumes its course. The Spirit, the Masculine, realizes his own lack of life, sensations, emotions. The desiring and genuine Feminine is asleep. His psychic space is polluted with belief, false desires, injunctions that we do not correspond to him. Life has no place. The Temple of the Body sleeps if it is held back. If we hold back the real desires, the impulses, the passions, we are a sleeping princess who has lost power over her own sovereignty.


Concept and Artistic Direction: Francesca Marta Volchitza Dancers Performers: Jean-Baptiste Ferreira, Francesca Marta Volchitza

Choreographies: William Crowley, Jean-Baptiste Ferreira, Francesca Marta Volchitza Text: Francesca Marta Volchitza

Voice Over: Sophie Van Everdingen

Videos and Editing: Stephen Zezza

Music: Canvas by Petri Kuljuntausta

  • Hear To Heart Of The Earth

Artistic Video around Body-Consciousness awakening, Alchemical Marriage, Love and Vulnerability.


Our progressive awakening is done from consciousness to body and from body to consciousness. It's dual communication. back and forth between spirit and body for an increasingly alchemical and flourishing marriage.

The woman (feminine energie) therefore represents the body / feelings and emotions. The man (masculin energie) represents the spirit and the mind. In the fairy tales (like Sleeping Beauty or SnowWhite) we have the BODY asleep. The conscious mind informed of this sleep will wake it up with a kiss. Awakening of Sleeping Beauty start when the Sensations are embodied and not just "thoughts". In my video, the body (our personal earth that we will take care of all life) awake the mind / spirit with its love for life and strong sensations / emotions.


Regia e conception: Francesca Marta Volchitza

Danzatori / interpreti: Gildas Lemonnier, Francesca Marta Volchitza

Coreography: Gildas Lemonnier, Francesca Marta Volchitza

Direttore della fotografia, Riprese e Montaggio: Stephen Zezza

Musica: "Elegy" by Hammock

Produzione: Francesca Marta Volchitza Associazione Corpo & Anima

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